Autumn energy savings


With Big Energy Saving Week just gone (20 – 24 October), we’ve got some ideas how to make your winter home warm and bills affordable. Not all of the measures are necessarily costly.

Have you considered insulation? Good quality insulation can help you money on fuel bills whatever the source. According to the National Insulation Association, solid wall insulation can save up to #60 per year, cavity wall and lift insulation can bring savings of approx. #250 per year; also there ase savings to be made draught proofing your home.

Stay warm. Turning your thermostat down by 1°C can save you as much as £60 per year. Also, keeping your heating constantly on a low heat can actually save you more money than switching it on and off all the time. Use the timer!

Replace your light bulbs! A compact fluorescent bulb of the same brightness as its traditional counterpart could potentially save around £3 a year according to the Energy Saving Trust. Multiplied by the number of light bulbs in your house it could be worth your while!

Turn off your lights when you leave the loom, avoid leaving your appliances on stand by - even chargers continue to use electricity when they aren't charging, boil only the amount of water that you really need – by changing that way you live in your home you may save as much as two thirds of your energy bills.

Kids can do it too! Get them involved – get them to spot the areas where the energy is being wasted (eg. lights or appliances have been left on). Compare the prices! Don’t pay more than you have to by simply comparing the energy rates and switching between providers – it normally costs nothing to switch and most companies are happy to do all the paperwork for you.

Consider solar panels. Although it may not be the most immediate solution to your energy worries, it is when we need heat the most, we consider all possible ways to cut the bills. The government subsidies towards installation costs are falling but so does the installation costs itself! Call Green Solar for a quick and obligation-free quote now – we may even be able to help you straight away!

Find out about available energy saving grants – if you are considering any home improvements you may just become eligible. For more information visit:

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